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Backpack Gowildriver Tackle Tek Recon - Lighted Compact Backpack

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Code: 1815.00.07
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The Gowildriver Tackle Tek Recon - Lighted Compact Backpack is a miniature copy of the Nomad - Lighted Backpack, although in its compact size its functionality does not differ from the previous model. This backpack has a lighting system that performs a very useful function if you are fishing in the twilight conditions. For storage of various small-sized accessories, there are special pockets on the sides of the bag, two on each side. On the front there is a folding pocket, the lid of which can act as a working area. There is also a flap below which contains compartments for storing boxes of accessories and lures, it can hold up to 4 boxes of 3500 series. Under the top cover there is a compartment for storing bulky items or spare clothes, a waterproof pocket is made on the inside of the lid. You can transport the Recon - Lighted Compact Backpack without any problems on your shoulders; soft adjustable shoulder straps and a comfortable backrest will give you special comfort, or in your hands using a special handle. You can protect your bag from heavy rain with a special cover. Also, this backpack has a special place for attaching a tool, a retriever for wire cutters and a carabiner. Having made a choice in favor of a product from Gowildriver, you will not regret, as the quality of the backpack is impeccable.

У нас Вы сможете выбрать и приобрести Backpack Gowildriver Tackle Tek Recon - Lighted Compact Backpack по актуальной стоимости в магазине рыболовных снастей Поплавок (Float) с доставкой по Бердянску, Луцку и другим уголкам страны. Лучшие предложения на рыбацкий ящик от известных производителей: Keitech, G.Stone - только у нас. только надежные изделия, а также доступные предложения на вертлюжки Вы подберете в нашем каталоге. Чтобы оформить заказ на или купить мультиинструмент - добавьте товар в корзину, и выберите способ доставки и оплаты. После, заполните Ваши контакты, и мы оформим доставку указанного товара. Не забудьте, что для постоянных клиентов работают скидки, которые позволят купить рыбацкий фонарь или ледобур по наиболее привлекательным ценам.

The brand
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Backpack Gowildriver Tackle Tek Recon - Lighted Compact Backpack reviews

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