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Outboard motor Honda BF100A LRTU

Motor type:
166 kg
Motor power, hp:
Number of cylinders:
Maximum number of rpm:
Transom height:
537 mm
The working volume:
1496 ml
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Code: BF100A||LRTU
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324,920 грн.
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New outboard motor Honda BF100 fully meet the modern environmental requirements. . Lightweight and compact BF100 has a sleek streamlined shape. The basis for the manufacture of this model was taken by car engine Honda Jazz. The cylinder block is completely made of aluminum alloy, so the weight of the motor the easiest modification is just 165 lbs.

This engine shows high performance and low fuel consumption. This motor embodies a wide range of innovative solutions from Honda. BF100 has a number of advanced features that simplify the use of the motor. Among them – the management function trolling, which allows you to move slowly and pick up speed gradually, in increments of 50 rpm, This mode is ideal for fishing and maneuvering.

Rocker valves do not require precision adjustments and experimental selection of the best of the situation. For the supply of fuel to the combustion chamber meets the system PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) is a software injection intake system, which is, in fact, multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection system. The system dispenses with the accuracy of the calculated amount of fuel in each combustion chamber taking into account the restricted load of the engine.

Microprocessor ECM (Engine Command Module) PGM-FI system collects information from sensors located at critical nodes of the engine to adjust the ratio air/fuel and ignition adjustments as at the time of launch and throughout the Rev range. The system provides the engine steady running, well-coordinated work, high technical performance and reduced fuel consumption. BLAST technology (Boosted Low Speed Torque) – increased torque at low rpm, the currently used models of motors 40 HP and above.
Another interesting technology that is used on a BF100. This technology is an engine to lean – Lean Burn Control. Technology allows to increase the efficiency of combustion of fuel by supplying to the combustion chamber lean fuel mixture. As usual, the element of feedback systems is the oxygen sensor, which the ECM performs all calculations associated with a lean fuel mixture. Thus, fuel consumption at cruising speeds is reduced by more than 20%.

The gear motor has undergone considerable processing. Its body has a streamlined shape, thereby reducing the resistance to the flow of water. Also significantly reduced deliveryabana hull and minimizes spatter. As a result – better acceleration and top speed. Elongated plate anti-cavitation agent helps retain the water flow on the propeller to minimize again deliveryabana. Is the front plate reduces the effect of spatter generated by the bottom of the boat, which reduces the amount of spray reaching the deck and cabin. Increased reduction ratio of 2.33:1 allows the use of propellers with a large enough diameter at 13 and 14 inches to move the boat with a big boot.

The oil filter is located high on the engine and easily accessible. Sliding plate tray allows you to easily and quickly get to the bottom of the candle. There is a port for flushing the engine with fresh water. To prevent engine damage the engine is equipped with an integrated warning system. The system uses audio-visual warning signals and the Rev limit in case of overheating, low oil pressure and the maximum permissible speed

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Motor type
166 kg
Motor power, hp
Number of cylinders
Maximum number of rpm
Transom height
537 mm
The working volume
1496 ml
Control system
Engine start
Gear ratio
2.33 : 1
Diameter X stroke, mm
73 х 89,4
front, neutral and rear
Fuel system type
Producing country
The brand
Outboard motor Honda BF100A LRTU reviews

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