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Boat motor Yamaha F115 AETL

186 kg
Motor power, hp:
Number of cylinders:
Maximum number of rpm:
Transom height:
508 mm
The working volume:
1741 cm³
Control system:
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Code: F115 AETL
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Outboard motor Yamaha F 115 AETL model of the motor, which will allow you to experience the benefits of recreation, active pastime with the water element. For this motor characteristic, for smooth operation, eco-friendliness, high performance and unmatched power. Outboard motor Yamaha F115 AETL suitable for both Amateur and commercial and professional use. This motor will easily be able to tow a skier, wakeboarder or a water attraction.

Power, hp 115,0
Numbers engine 4-stroke
Transom height, mm Five hundred sixteen
Leg length engine inches 20" (long leg)
Engine weight, kg Of 186.0
The number of cylinders 4 /in-line
Engine displacement, cubic cm 1741,0
Maximum rpm 5000-6000
Diameter /piston stroke, mm 79 × 88,8
Compression The 9.7:1
Thruster three-blade
Step screw 19"K
Fuel system type (power system) injector
The fuel injection system Electronic fuel injection (EFI)
Fuel type A-95
Fuel tank -
The maximum fuel consumption, l/h 38,0
Oil Yamalube ® 4M
The volume of oil in the engine, l 3,5 (without filter change)
3.7 V (with filter replacement)
Cooling system Water okhlazhdeniem thermostat
Lubrication system Wet sump
System timing DOHC /16 valves
Exhaust system Through the hub of the propeller
Generator 12V—25A
Ignition system Transistor TCI/micro-computer
Spark plug LER6A-11
Transfer forward - neutral - reverse
Gear ratio 28:13 (2,15)
The angle of rotation of the motor 30º from centre, left and right
The angle of the motor wide-range of hydraulic differentone
from -4º to +16º
The angle of elevation motor 70º
Start the engine (starter) electric
Control type remote
Hoist engine electro-hydraulic
Country of origin Japan

This motor has no competitors among the other engines of similar capacity. A special system PrimeStartTMmakes starting the motor easy and simple similar to the car motor starts with one turn of the key. Security system outboard motor Yamaha (Y-COP) allows to protect the motor from unauthorized access by remote adjustment of operation of the engine.

Choosing outboard motor Yamaha F115AETL should know about such benefits as:

  • novka lightweight design of the latest generation;
  • electrotypes, remote control, electric actuator of the tilt and lift out of the water;
  • 16-valve engine with two overhead camshafts (DOHC);
  • electronic fuel injection for cleaner and more efficient operation (EFI);
  • digital network devices;
  • an effective system of combustion blow-by gases;
  • system PrimeStartTMfor easy start-up;
  • micro-computer/solid state system harigane TCI;
  • security system outboard motor Yamaha (Y-COP);
  • protection from starting in gear; perfect anti-corrosion protection (YDC-30);
  • optionally, the system limits the angle of inclination;
  • a multi-level system changes the trim and tilt with electric actuator for smooth adjustment;
  • the Rev limiter Yamaha.
  • The kit boat motor Yamaha F115AETL included:
    • the remote control unit 703 Premium side control (option);
    • tie rod;
    • the propeller (number of blades - diameter x pitch) 3×13×19K standard Black SST (option);
    • the instruments (Speed /Full & Tachometr - option);
    • emergency check;
    • a set of tools;
    • system cold start of the engine;
    • emergency switch;
    • the oil pressure indicator;
    • temperature;
    • the Rev limiter;
    • emergency switch;
    • separator water/fuel.
    Warranty period of operation of the boat motor Yamaha F115AETL boat 36 months (warranty limited), and for commercial use - 12 months (limited warranty).The parameters of the exhaust gas boat motor Yamaha F115AETL meet the standards of USA EPA 2010, 2008 CARB, 2006 EU RSD. System security and protection of the engine include the of the engine Rev limiter and the protective mechanism of the start system of the engine. As the main engine on a fishing boat or as a auxiliary engine on a yacht, new portable hanging motors YAMAHA will help you to enjoy a pleasant holiday on the water.

Мы рекомендуем подобрать Boat motor Yamaha F115 AETL по выгодной цене в каталоге рыбацких товаров Float (Поплавок) с доставкой по Киеву, Львову и другим уголкам страны. Самые лучшие предложения на рыбалка на балансир от известных производителей: Honda, Dynamite Baits - только у нас. самые качественные изделия, а также выгодные предложения на сигнализатор для рыбалки Вы подберете в нашем каталоге. Если Вы уже решили оформить заказ на или купить сигнализатор поклевки - добавьте в корзину товар, и выберите удобный метод оплаты и доставки. После, заполните свои контактные данные, и мы сразу оформим поставку товара. Напоминаем, что для постоянных покупателей действуют постоянные скидки, которые позволят купить рыболовный бур и насадочный столик для рыбалки по самым доступным ценам.

186 kg
Motor power, hp
Number of cylinders
Maximum number of rpm
Transom height
508 mm
The working volume
1741 cm³
Control system
Engine start
Recommended gasoline
External tank
24 l
Gear ratio
Diameter X stroke, mm
Front (F) + Neutral (N) +
Fuel system type
Producing country
The brand
Boat motor Yamaha F115 AETL reviews

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