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Boat motor Tohatsu MFS25B EPTL

Boat motor Tohatsu MFS25B EPTL
Motor type:
78 kg
Motor power, hp:
Number of cylinders:
Maximum number of rpm:
Transom height:
508 mm
The working volume:
526 cm³
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Boat motor Tohatsu MFS25B EPTL. Powerful and reliable four-stroke three-cylinder outboard motor MFS25B EPTL from the Japanese company Tohatsu on the screw produces 25 horsepower and has a displacement 526 CC Motor with electrosource and has a remote control that allows a comfortable and easy control of the watercraft. Has a special drive lift and tilt and hydraulic trim. Control work MFS25B EPTL 16-bit processor (ECU), precisely dosing the supply of fuel and the ignition process. The double chamber makes it possible to significantly save fuel consumption while maintaining power. Quick and easy start-up guarantee digital ignition system and purge loop. Tohatsu MFS25B EPTL is a great choice for walks and travel on the water, for fishermen and hunters, and for recreation. Motor easy to handle, it is durable, reliable and trouble-free even when operating 24 hours a day.

The quality and reliability of the model is time-tested, as the Japanese company Tohatsu 80-year-old specializiruetsya on the production of engines and enters into the five of world leaders of this industry. Like other engines of this brand MFS25B EPTL features successfully tested a water cooling system, ensuring the functioning and reliability even when the device is operating on high speed without overheating. Supplied with the oil pressure gauge and tested system, providing a quiet exhaust. A specially designed propeller enables the craft to move smoothly and evenly and provides maximum utilization of all engine power. The motor is ultra-reliable protection from corrosion through the use of such know-how Tohatsu as "marine" is a specialized aluminum alloy and zinc protection of the cooling system.

Model MFS25B EPTL is also equipped with:

is a special thermostat which ensures reliable operation of the engine in operation and at high speed;

stainless water pump, to ensure the durability;

protection from starting in gear;

- sound alert about the level of oil pressure;

- automatic choke.

When the engine MFS25B EPTL you will not hear loud noises and vibrations, and the quality of plastic and metal parts of the engine you will be pleased with, as well as the design of the engine and the accuracy of its Assembly. The model is also fully meets the requirements on emission of harmful substances international standards of EPA and CARB.

Benefits and opportunities:

• Engine type: 4-stroke three-cylinder engine capacity of 25 horsepower and a displacement of 526 cubic cm

• The motor is equipped with a system of electrosupply and has a remote control that allows a comfortable and easy to control the watercraft

• Has a special drive lift and tilt and hydraulic trim.

• Control of work MFS25B EPTL 16-bit processor (ECU), precisely dosing the supply of fuel and the ignition process.

• Double combustion chamber gives an opportunity to considerably save the consumption of gasoline while maintaining power

• The maximum number of revolutions per minute: 5-6 thousand

• The model has three gears: forward, neutral and rear

• The ignition is carried out with a digital CDI system that ensures quick start-up

• In this model, the extended transom (508 mm)

• Equipped with specially designed screw propeller made of aluminum, which guarantees high performance motor, fast start to full rpm, smooth and quiet running.

• The model has a safety switch

• Equipped with a protection run, if enabled transmission, and a Rev limiter

• The motor is made of aluminum "sea" alloy which guarantees long life without corrosion

• Has a water cooling system, which does not allow the motor to overheat and its internal side is made from zinc, which also prevents corrosion

• Model Tohatsu MFS25B EPTL equipped with this type of exhaust system that goes through the screw that provides a quiet operation of the motor in General

• There is a possibility of installation of the analog tachometer unit oil level

• Equipped with a standard built-in fuel tank 1.1 litre and remote external tank volume 25 l

• Allows the ship to move in shallow water thanks to the six-level adjustment tilt motor

• Dry weight: 78 kg

• Manufacture: Japan.

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Motor type
78 kg
Motor power, hp
Number of cylinders
Maximum number of rpm
Transom height
508 mm
The working volume
526 cm³
Control system
Engine start
Recommended gasoline
Built-in tank
1.1 l
External tank
25 l
Gear ratio
Diameter X stroke, mm
front, neutral and rear
Fuel system type
Producing country
The brand
Boat motor Tohatsu MFS25B EPTL reviews

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