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Outboard motor Bumblebee 1.6

8 kg
Motor power, hp:
Number of cylinders:
Maximum number of rpm:
Transom height:
381 mm
The working volume:
35.8 cm³
Control system:
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Code: 1.6
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What do you mean "compact" ? What do you mean "easy" ? What do you mean "economical" ? The answer to all these questions was the emergence in our market of outboard motorBumblebee.

Easier just does not happen –only 8 kg. This means that carrying this baby and its installation will not cause labor even to a child.

Incredibly compact – will fit in even the smallest car boot. Economical ? Incredibly economical ! As due to the fact that the volume of the engineonly 35.8 CC., and due to the fact that the motor chetyrehkantnyj ! Yes, you heard right – engine installed this boat motor four stroke, which entails in addition to the minimum fuel consumption, and even inherent in all chetyrehchastnaya low noise.

Specialists of the service center, it was confirmed that transporting bumblebee on either side. Also, this feature is mentioned on the description page of the OHC engine of company Honda, which was taken as the basis of the Bumblebee.

But that's not all advantages of this PLM. Have you ever faced a clogged cooling system, for example, after the "plowed" motor thick layer of silt ? I don't think we need to talk about what causes overheating of the engine is better with this not to face. So, outboard motor bumblebee, in addition, still equipped with an air cooling system. This means that the motor can safely lift out of the water while it is not necessary to turn off, for example when you suddenly came in shallow water.

Centrifugal clutch eliminates the rotation of the propeller in case the motor operates at minimum speed, in other words, we can say that bumblebee has a neutral gear than can not boast of even the most famous motors in the "weight" category.

In INETRNET you can find information about how to make lawn mower outboard motor. The appearance in the sale of the Bumblebee, once and for all, end the matter, because the cost of this engine is almost the same as the garden of the trimer. But most importantly – You do not need to be finished and screwed – everything is already assembled for You.

Where bumblebee will find the application ? On any small boat with a transom. Just remember this definition as "Motovelo". With regards to engine bumblebee, this is the most accurate description. Agree that better to start the motor, and quiet way to move along the reservoir, instead of waving oars.

What else is worth noting is the fact that bumblebee at the price outperforms many motors, and by their capacity much ahead of them. Yes and no in the boat bulky and heavy battery for the electric motor, this is a huge plus in favor of the Bumblebee.

With the engine no problems – service centers located almost in every major city of Ukraine.

To sum up. If You are looking for a lightweight, economical, compact and inexpensive engine, thanks to which You plan to relax in the boat and not bother swinging the oars, Your choice, is the outboard air cooled bumblebee.

Предоставляем возможность подобрать и купить Outboard motor Bumblebee 1.6 по доступной цене в интернет магазине рыбалки и рыболовных товаров Float (Поплавок) с доставкой по Тернополю, Кременчугу и других уголках Украины. Лучшие предложения на водонепроницаемый костюм для рыбалки от самых лучших производителей - Aquatech, Traper - только у нас. все что нужно, а также выгодные предложения на спальный мешок Вы подберете в каталоге нашего магазина. Если хотите оформить заказ на и купить зимние снасти - добавьте в корзину товар, и укажите тип оплаты и доставки. После, заполните свои контактные данные, и мы сразу оформим доставку товара. Рекомендуем обратить Ваше внимание, что для постоянных клиентов работают выгодные скидки, которые позволят купить палатку туристическую и пеллетс для рыбалки по самым выгодным ценам.

8 kg
Motor power, hp
Number of cylinders
Maximum number of rpm
Transom height
381 mm
The working volume
35.8 cm³
Control system
Engine start
Recommended gasoline
Built-in tank
0.65 l
T. C. I
Diameter X stroke, mm
Fuel system type
Producing country
The brand
Outboard motor Bumblebee 1.6 reviews

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