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Outboard motor Mercury Verado 250 XXL

294 kg
Motor power, hp:
Number of cylinders:
Maximum number of rpm:
Transom height:
762 mm
The working volume:
2598 cm³
Control system:
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Code: Verado 250 XXL
Количество бонусов которые вы получите при покупке данного товара
583,712 грн.
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Four stroke outboard motor MERCURY F 250 XXL Verado comes with a right-hand direction of rotation of the propeller. Equipped with unique, patented noise reduction system, the implementation of which ensures quiet operation of the engine. The special design of the deadwood allows you to hang the engine near the center of gravity, which contributes to the effective reduction of the vibration. Outboard motor equipped with an electronic control unit SmartCraft, which allows control of the main functions and actions: to control the angle of tilt of the engine starting, gear shifting, engine protection, bestrasova control of gas/reverse. The engine protection system "Guardian" also is controlled SmartCraft and promptly sends warning signals about possible faults of the engine, which, together with the rest of your important information is displayed on the displays of the devices. Tilt the boat motor is an electrohydraulic control system slope angle, especially in shallow water. Outboard motor MERCURY F 250 XL Verado has a reliable corrosion protection, multilayer coating a reliable and durable engine design, made from such metals as stainless steel and aluminium alloy HC-360.

For the first time in the history of the outboardthapplied a turbo that provides an excellent combination of dynamics, controllability and efficiency. Inline six-cylinder engine capacity of 2.6 liters is superior to almost any other motor on the water. He is the most powerful, the fastest, the quietest and most reliable of all the engines ever created.Veradois more than just the motor. The world's only fully integrated outboard engine, a fusion of extraordinary power and ease of management thanks to the throttle control mechanism gas/reverse (SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift). In addition, electro-hydraulic steering of the motor eliminates the lead time and provides ease of management. All major structural components: crankshaft, connecting rods and bearings – have been specifically designed and manufactured for that motor with a supercharger. The motor has the highest acceleration in the middle rpm range compared to any other outboard two-stroke and four-stroke engine in the world. This is possible thanks to the exclusive design of the air blower and the intercooler. Each of the virtuesVeradolets look at the possibilities of outboard motors.

Outboard motor Mercury Verado 250 XXLwith left-hand rotation of the propeller, extraline the deadwood 635 mm, with electric control of the gas and clutch SmartCraft Digital Throttle and Shift(DTS), electro-hydraulic steering gear system (built-in cylinder) and six-cylinder power unit. Engines with reverse rotation of the propeller is designed for twin installation in twin-engined (engine) courts. The design of the Verado series motors first used the air compressor(turbocharger) and an intercooler (intercooler), which greatly improve the efficiency and driveability of the engine.

In this series of engines fuel injection and ignition timing are controlled by a microprocessor, which allows precise dosing of the supply of fuel and optimally to spend it depending on the conditions of navigation and characteristics of the environment. Multi-chamber air intake with sound attenuator reduces noise. Hydraulic steering system and electric control DTS provide exceptional comfort and engine control. The original design of the deadwood with the suspension of the motor at four points near the center of gravity significantly reduces vibration.

Outboard motor Mercury Verado 250 XXLworking with innovative control system and monitoringMercury SmartCraftthat most fully reveals this series of engines. Ensured total control of the key parameters of the motor, which significantly reduces the probability of emergency or abnormal situations. The system provides information about the status and modes of the engine:
- Self diagnostics
-Battery voltage
- Automatic stabilization of the speed of the boat (Troll control)
- Emergency situation: overheating, Overspeed, etc. (sensors the numerical value of the parameter)
Fuel consumption and remaining fuel
- Hour meter
- The speed of the crankshaft (tachometer)
Temperature and oil pressure
The position of trimma and throttle
- Speed boat
- Engine temperature
- Water in fuel

Дарим возможность заказать Outboard motor Mercury Verado 250 XXL по доступной цене на сайте Поплавок (Float) с доставкой по Кременчугу, Кропивницкому и Украине. Также обратите внимание на лодочный мотор от качественных брендов: Stonfo, Carpzoom - в нашем магазине. самые надежные изделия, а также доступные предложения на надувные матрасы Вы сможете найти в нашем каталоге. Если Вы хотите оформить покупку на и купить катушку мультипликатор - добавьте в корзину товар, и укажите удобный метод оплаты и доставки. После, заполните свои контактные данные, и мы оформим поставку указанного товара. Хотим обратить Ваше внимание, что для постоянных клиентов действуют скидки, которые помогут купить костюм для рыбалки и охоты и рыбалка поплавок по самым выгодным ценам.

294 kg
Motor power, hp
Number of cylinders
Maximum number of rpm
Transom height
762 mm
The working volume
2598 cm³
Control system
Engine start
Recommended gasoline
Digital inductive SmartCraft PCM 07
Gear ratio
Diameter X stroke, mm
front, neutral and rear
Fuel system type
Producing country
The brand
Outboard motor Mercury Verado 250 XXL reviews

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