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Outboard motor Mercury 4 M

Outboard motor Mercury 4 M
20 kg
Motor power, hp:
Number of cylinders:
Maximum number of rpm:
Transom height:
381 mm
The working volume:
102 cm³
Control system:
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Code: 4 M
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27,200 грн.
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MERCURY 4 M - easy to manage and easy to service two-stroke outboard motor is great for small inflatable boats, skiffs, kayaks and other small vessels. This outboard motor is equipped with an easy start and alarm system security, which carries out automatic stop of engine in case of loss of a driver overboard. The presence of a tiller large diameter rubberized handle system-steer and the ability to rotate 360 degrees provide excellent maneuverability for easy management in shallow waters and also allows you to easily and quickly get to various inaccessible areas of the water channels. Protection against corrosion has been achieved by using multilayer coatings and components made from corrosion-resistant materials and alloys. Compact dimensions, low weight and ergonomic handle provide additional convenience of operation and transportation of the boat motor.

This manufacturer knows anyone who has ever vacationed on the water, considering passing through the surface of the water and boats. Among the many detection engines, most were probably outboard engines production company, that knows every vodnomotornyj is the motor company's Mercury.

Large boat, rubber boat, PVC boat, fiberglass or aluminum boat - many boats will certainly be established for these legendary engines, with a recognizable logo on the case.

Much has been said on the pages of our shop on a low-power two-stroke motor company Mercury, but the range of these motors is very wide, and it makes sense to think of another "baby" - it will be about outboard motor Mercury 4M.

Like other motors of the model range of two-stroke engines, Mercury 4 M is the Etalon of quality, reliability and efficiency. Low noise and low vibration when working, will stay on a boat equipped with this motor, unforgettable pleasure.

If there is a need for additional opportunities for maneuvering - simply rotate the engine 360 degrees. Need to go in shallow water - choose the desired position of the motor. There is no place vladka for gas cans ? Nothing wrong - in motor integrated fuel tank 2.5-liter, which will provide long Autonomous operation of the engine during your journey on your favorite river or lake.

A convenient switch on the transfer case motor will enable you to quickly include back, front or neutral gear.

Transportation of this and other low-power two-stroke boat motors Mercury, a very complicated matter - after all, low weight and small dimensions, allow to transfer the motor from the car to the boat, the person who has no good physical preparation. And the fact that the motor is a two-stroke, eliminates the presence of oil in the crankcase, because the lubrication is due to the oil added to the fuel, and as a result, you are free from the problem of spillage of lubricants during transport of the engine in the trunk of your car.

Experts brand service centres, having in his Arsenal the most modern equipment, will always have expert help in case you consult with any problem. Constant availability of spare parts and accessories such as: pouches, bags, carrying, spark plugs, oil, spare screws - all huge pluses that make motors Mercury is the undisputed leader in the world of outboard motors.

Very strict quality control, constant changes and improvements, compliance, ecology and environmental pollution, gorgeous and well recognizable design outboard motors Mercury - it's all done for you to ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchase of this engine, and you will never be visited by the idea that you did the right choice by buying Mercury 4M.

У нас Вы можете подобрать и купить Outboard motor Mercury 4 M по хорошей стоимости на сайте интернет магазина рыбалки Поплавок (Float) с доставкой по Александрии, Днепропетровску и другим регионам Украины. Смотрите и заказывайте также аксессуары для рыбалки от самых лучших производителей - Origin, Cтубла - у нас в магазине. только качественные изделия, а также самое выгодное предложение на футболка для рыбака Вы сможете подобрать в каталоге магазина. Чтобы оформить заказ на и купить одежду для рыбалки - добавьте в корзину товар, и выберите способ доставки и оплаты. Затем, заполните Ваши контакты, и мы сразу оформим доставку указанного товара. Обратите внимание, что для постоянных клиентов работают постоянные скидки, которые помогут купить кивок или зимний рыболовный ящик по самой привлекательной цене.

20 kg
Motor power, hp
Number of cylinders
Maximum number of rpm
Transom height
381 mm
The working volume
102 cm³
Control system
Engine start
Built-in tank
2.5 l
Gear ratio
2.15 : 1
Diameter X stroke, mm
55 х 43
front, neutral and rear
Producing country
The brand
Outboard motor Mercury 4 M reviews

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