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Outboard motor Mercury 200 L Optimax

225 kg
Motor power, hp:
Maximum number of rpm:
Transom height:
508 mm
The working volume:
3023 l
Control system:
Engine start:
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Code: 200 L Optimax
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423,232 грн.
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Economical outboard 2-stroke boat motor MERCURY 200 XL OptiMax is used for high speed movement of water vehicles. Such a motor is characterized by low noise operation of the engine, which significantly expands the range of its application. The presence of electric start ensures quick and easy start of the boat motor. The presence systems multi-point oil lubrication and right two-stage fuel injection, provide more efficient tiny spray of petrol and oil flow using compressed air. The two systems together give the outboard motor excellent performance, high power, economy and lower emissions. Also MERCURY 200 XL OptiMax is equipped with an electronic control unit Motorola PCM 07 with modern software, which is the management and control of all major functions and activities of the boat motor. To manage a boat motor was much easier that it will be able to handle even non-trained person. Electro-hydraulic tilt control, designed to select a more optimal position of outboard motor varies.

Outboard motor Mercury 225 L Optimaxseries OptiMax ensures easy starting, low emissions, acceleration, fuel savings of up to 30 percent. These motors are equipped with automatic enrichment of the combustible mixture for easy starting and steady idle in the cold and wet weather. Stabilization system idle reduces smoke emissions and engine noise, improves the performance of the motor at low speeds. The oil injection system, controlled by electronic unit that accurately dispenses the portion of the oil in the crankcase for each cylinder based on engine speed, which reduces oil consumption.

  • Exhaust series engines, OptiMax meets the environmental requirements of the EPA 2006 with a large margin. Exclusive system dual stage fuel injection provides the finest fuel atomization using compressed air. The engines of this series have the best performance, efficiency, power and clean exhaust.
  • The latest system monitoring parameters of the engine SmartCraft provides You with information about the motor. It can help to control fuel consumption and cruising range.
  • All motors in this series are equipped with a generator with a capacity of 60 amp/756 watt, produces enough electricity to charge a battery and power supply additional equipment.
  • New on-Board computer Motorola PCM 555 controls the engine. This system utilizes advanced automotive technology to extend the capabilities of the motor.
  • On series motors OptiMax sets the exclusive control system of ship speed or engine speed. This system is like cruise control on your car: You set a certain speed or engine rpm and the system will automatically maintain that speed, which is very useful when trolling.
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance and durability is guaranteed by the use of such materials as stainless steel, aluminum alloy XK-360, as well as the latest protective coating technology and the production of Mercury.
  • Series motors OptiMax can save up to 45% of fuel for a day's work, making them the best choice for a person looking for a motor with the maximum mileage on one filling.
  • The power of these V-engines is sufficient to tow skiers and various entertainment attractions for the entire day. And this engine will save You up to 45% of fuel.
  • Outboard motors OptiMax series is the choice of professional.. This confirms the fact that during the competition, the BassMaster Classic in 1998, 1999, 2000 Mercury outboard motors have demonstrated reliable operation in the swampy waters of Louisiana, and in the raging waters of Michigan lakes.
  • Mercury Marine was the only manufacturer of outboard motors, has experienced a series motors OptiMax with low toxic exhaust 24-hour races in France, in the city of Rouen. The crew used the OptiMax motors have won these races, which once again proves how powerful, economical and durable outboard motor company, Mercury

Мы рекомендуем Вам купить Outboard motor Mercury 200 L Optimax по хорошей цене в каталоге магазина изделий для рыбаков float.com.ua с доставкой по Харькову, Кременчугу и Украине. Покупайте также палатка карповая от самых лучших производителей - Off, Adams - только у нас. только лучшие изделия, а также лучшее предложение на удочка поплавочная Вы найдете в магазине. Чтобы оформить заказ на и купить рыболовные крючки - добавьте в корзину товар, и выберите удобный тип доставки и оплаты. После, укажите свои контакты, и мы сразу оформим доставку выбранного товара. Не забудьте, что для постоянных покупателей действуют выгодные скидки, которые помогут купить балансиры или охотничий фонарь по самым выгодным ценам.

225 kg
Motor power, hp
Maximum number of rpm
Transom height
508 mm
The working volume
3023 l
Control system
Engine start
electronic bezkontaktni
Gear ratio
Diameter X stroke, mm
front, neutral and rear
Fuel system type
двухступенчатый прямой впрыск топлива
Producing country
The brand
Outboard motor Mercury 200 L Optimax reviews

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