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Gel battery for outboard motor Fisher 150Ah 12V

Gel battery for outboard motor Fisher 150Ah 12V
44 kg
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Code: 150AH-gell
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Fisher 150Ah 12V Gel Battery

Fisher SRG 150 - 12 lead acid battery with thickened electrolyte (gel) is designed for permanent deep discharges. The main application is the power supply of boat electric motors and uninterruptible power supply units.
The maximum voltage for charging this battery should be between 14.28-14.52 Volts, at a temperature of 25 ℃.


Rated voltage: 12 volts
Number of Cells: 6
Length (cm): 44
Width (mm): 22
Height (cm): 18
Package Dimensions: 49 * 18 * 26
Weight (kg): 44
Batteries of the FISHER trademark, regardless of capacity and type (AGM or GEL), are covered by warranty service or a complete replacement of the battery or a refund within 2 years from the date of purchase of the battery, in case of proper (correct) operating conditions. Namely:

- For charging gel batteries, a charger should be used specifically for gel batteries, the threshold voltage of which does not exceed GEL 14.2-14.4V, AGM 14.4-14.8V, the current should not exceed 1 / 6A of the rated battery power, those. A 100Ah battery should be charged by charging with a maximum current of not more than 16A, but only when using programmable chargers, this means that you should not use 16A continuously during charging from the beginning to the end of charging. When these indicators are exceeded, the gel electrolyte begins to liberate gas liberally, which is no longer able to be absorbed in such volumes).
- Mandatory recharge of the battery within six months, if it is not used. It is very important not to interrupt the charging process until it is completed. If you interrupt the charging process, say, by 60%, then the next time the battery will not be able to reach its full capacity - and even swinging the charge-discharge cycles will not improve the battery condition much.

- the voltage of each battery cell should not fall below 1.8 V (i.e., the minimum voltage of a 12-volt battery should not fall below 10.5 - 10.8 V !!). Attention going beyond the threshold indication of green light on trolling motors means that you have reached the maximum "deep" discharge of the battery, i.e. less than 10V. Stop operation immediately. Also, the battery should be charged immediately after discharge. This is especially true for a battery that has been subjected to a "deep" discharge. If the battery is in a discharged state for a long period of time, then a situation is possible in which it will be impossible to restore its full capacity.
A 100% discharge (deep discharge) is a battery discharge to a voltage of 10.5 Volts, and not to zero Volts.
When the battery is discharged to a critical level, irreversible chemical processes occur inside and the battery capacity can significantly decrease, so if the battery is discharged to 9V, we can say with confidence that 45-50% of the capacity is lost permanently. If a discharge of this depth happens again, then the remainder of this capacity will be only 25-30% of the nominal. Therefore, even the highest quality AGM / GEL battery can be completely destroyed by 4-5 deep discharges.

Any lead battery, regardless of its type, should be stored in a fully charged state at a temperature of -20 to +50 degrees (optimally at +20).
After a few months of storage, the voltage may decrease due to self-discharge. When the voltage drops below 12.6 Volts, sulfation of lead plates begins, which can lead to a decrease in battery capacity.
During storage, it is recommended to check the voltage of the battery every six months and prevent the voltage from dropping below 12.6 Volts, and when this level is reached, recharge the battery from the charger.

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44 kg
The brand
Producing country
Gel battery for outboard motor Fisher 150Ah 12V reviews

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