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Spray Richworth Esterberry 70mlSpray Richworth Esterberry 70mlQuantity in a pack:1Weight:70 gSpecialization:Peaceful fishType:SpraysCapacity:70 ml
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231 грн.
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“The fish bite yesterday, and tomorrow...” Is a famous expression many anglers that have appeared not casual. Therefore, to scheduled fishing was productive, you need to use a fishing “chips”. One of these is the spray fragrance.

Спрей для рыбалки

How does the spray work for fishing

Mainly aerosol attractants are used for processing the nozzle, which in turn allocates it, thereby provoking the fish to bite. An important role plays and the season, for example, cold water in spring, late autumn, will work on the meat smells (worms, bloodworms, maggot). In the summer, preferably fruity, sweet flavors and aromas are considered universal and they can be used all year round.

To get a good result from the attractant, the angler need to have in the Arsenal of a couple of three different types of smell. Prokormil buoys, approached the fish as it is and will show himself, bites, and you are lucky you may catch a few fish. But after a while the bite is lost here, it is time to apply our spray! The treated bait is strongly contrasted to the background of the main bait will be quickly noticed by a fish that doesn't slow down the bite. If your goal is to catch bream or carp, are encouraged to apply spray targeting. Or pick up odors under the preferences of the fish you intend to catch. For example, the bream love coriander, and carp will actively respond to the smell of plums, strawberries. All selected experimentally, and depends on the pond and its features. Of spray is not limited to only float or feeder fishing, angler, he can help out as ever. Well-suited for this fish foam, impregnated with the attractant, it will attract the attention of the passive predator.

Spray for fishing: what is

Today, fishermen there are many types of fragrances. Not to be confused in a huge selection of different flavors immediately they can be divided into two groups - for bait, and for the nozzle.

In its effect, they can be:

  • for General use (used for all species of fish);
  • the target destination (bream, carp, roach).

Спрей для рыбалки в Украине

Also according to their smell, they are divided into:

  • fruit;
  • sweet;
  • spicy;
  • meat.

The advantages of spray for fishing

Modern fishermen was much easier and all thanks to a simple and convenient fixtures and accessories. And speaking of bait sprays, they have many advantages:

  1. Very compact and easy to use.
  2. Can be applied as a bait, lure, and spinner.
  3. Evenly applied to the bait.
  4. Increases the number of bites.
  5. Economical.
  6. The big range.

Prices for spray for fishing

The brandMinimum priceMaximum price
CC Moore316 UAH316 UAH
Traper62 UAH76 UAH
Richworth211 UAH211 UAH
Winner106 UAH106 UAH

To buy a spray for fishing in Ukraine

Sprays for fishing with different flavours and for different types of fish you can order in our online store the Float. Here you will find cheap and effective products from leading manufacturers. With them fishing is a pleasure, but the catch will please visitest and diversity.

And we also offer You low prices, great selection and fast shipping. Call now and get advice from our managers on the selection of useful accessories for fishing.

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