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Stand, Rod-pods, rogacki

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Brain Aluminum Telescopic StandBrain Aluminum Telescopic StandThe brand:Brain:Price is for 1pc.
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Stand, rack for fishing rods - an indispensable attribute of comfortable fishing. Of course, if you fish one rod flywheel, then there is no special need. Although compact, collapsible stand and will not interfere in the case backlava and will not put the rod on the water or even be removed from the water nozzle.

Stand for fishing rods - a practical device for “silent hunting”

Some anglers can comment on - “It is an unnecessary thing, can, if necessary, and to build on a reservoir of some branches”. As practice shows, often, the branches are suitable for stag not, the knife is missing. Therefore, in order to fishing was with maximum positivity, it is better to prepare in advance and buy special holders. They do not cost a lot of money, but the benefits they will bring, and the angler, and the environment. But it is especially necessary, for lovers of carp fishing, and “fidelistas”, and also when fishing on a float match rod or plug.

Подставка под удилище

Well, if you consider fishing on the feeder, no holder of a fishing-rod it is almost impossible, and not only in comfort. When there is no rigid and stable fixation rods, the biting fish are hard to identify from wind gusts, currents and rolling waves on the line.

Types of holders

Fixtures for easy placement of the rods from the shore can be very diverse. Some are primitive and can be used for one rod, others on the contrary - are complex devices with many functions. So, holders for fishing rods are of such types:

  1. Single rohachyk is a compact metal or plastic structure in the form of v-shaped rohachyk. Easily volutives in soft bottom shore.
  2. Inboard stand - lightweight and miniature fishing rod holder. Fixation is possible for the handle spinning.
  3. Under the rod (Rod Pod) - characteristic difference from other types is the presence of adjustable tripod, and the horizontal plank under different types of holders. Has a great advantage, as it can be installed on a soft surface or on rocky, or on a wooden jetty that you can't say about the others.

The use of holders

For poplavochnye lover who catches on two rods, perfect single collapsible stags. With their help, you can post fishing rods-different races, in order to avoid tangling gear And they are light and compact to carry, easily fit in the case along with the rods.

When fishing on trotlines, good job with fixing the butt holders, they can be used to install the rod as much as possible vertically, this is particularly important when there is flow in the reservoir. The higher aimed the tip of the rod, the smaller the contact line with the water surface. They also have a drawback. In windy weather the fishing-rod begins to swing sideways.

Подставка под удочку

For lovers of carp fishing, where you use more than two rods, you should look for Rod Pod, it is possible to securely lock the rod at different angles, and height. You can set different number of holders. Carp are very cautious fish, and the extra vibrations of the rod can be transmitted to the nozzle lying on the bottom, which will negatively affect the bite.

Buy holders for fishing-rods

On the website the Float has a large selection of different types of stands and holders from well-known brands. In our online shop you will find compact and multifunctional stand for rods of any type and length.

To facilitate selection of accessories to help our managers, who are ready to answer all questions and place your order. Also in the store operates discount system, which allows you to save money on your favorite hobby. Delivery is carried out in all regions of Ukraine.

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