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Weights, a cargo-head, carp cargo

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Reliable sinkers for successful fishing on any body of water

Among the many devices that are used for fishing, there is one lost on the background of hooks, lures and reels, although its importance for successful fishing can not be overestimated. We are talking about weights. Its importance is underlined by the fact that in the case of replacement of the entire tooling necessary to adjust again.

Good sinker will quickly deliver the bait to control fish hook, not letting him get away with a certain depth, to provide a vertical position of the float rod. Buy fishing sinkers for fishing in Ukraine, please visit the online store, "" float "".

Choosing the right fishing sinkers

Before you buy the goods for fishing, you need a responsible approach to his choice. Question proper selection of goods is not as simple as it seems. And in the case of an error a favorite pastime will be hopelessly spoiled hooks, cliffs, unsuccessful sweeps and other troubles, familiar to every fisherman.

There are many varieties of fishing goods, intended for different fishing conditions, gear, depth, wind speed and flow. Therefore, the choice of weights for fishing rods need to decide how you will go to tackle a pond and a way of catching will use.

For fishing bait used weights of the following types:

  • pellet. It is a small round cargo, most often made of lead and having a slot. Such fishing weights sold in sets containing 100 grams of weights of different diameters. Buy a similar set of weights for fishing can always float.com.ua on the site;
  • olive. As the name implies, these sinkers have an elongated elliptical shape resembling popular olive fruit. Suitable for fishing in heavy currents or deep;
  • jig head. These weights are made of tungsten or lead, constitute a round ball with eyelet. The hook is provided with a special influx, protects against slipping bait. Usually used for catching predatory fish using the method of dynamic postings. If a sinker for fishing is made of tungsten, its price will be higher;
  • sheet. It used when fishing for carp and perch. The flat shape of the sinker allows such a good show itself at the bottom of any relief, including - too muddy.

Price sinkers for fishing in the first place, depends on the production of the material and its quality. Loads should not be external damage, such as cracks, dents, deep scratches or chips.

All that may be required for good fishing, the online store, "" float ""

Fishing - a favorite form of recreation for many people. But that it was successful, you need to take care of high-quality gear. Our online store allows you to pick up everything you need in one place, without having to spend time on trips to the markets and specialized outlets.

We offer a wide range of goods for fishing from well-known manufacturers at affordable prices. Always available you will find a set of weights for fishing of any type. For regular customers we have special offers, discounts and gifts are provided.


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